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Quies Natural Wax 8-Pairs Earplug

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Product Description

Quies Natural Wax 8-Pairs Earplug

Quies silicone earplugs protect the ear from water (swimming pools, sea, shower). Their malleable and slightly adherent texture means that a completely waterproof seal is formed. Hypoallergenic and recommended for ears that are sensitive to water. They attenuate sound slightly but not completely. Silicone also offers protection against the cold and dust pollution.


While sleeping: use at home and on the go. At work or while studying: improve concentration in noisy environments.for music or loud noise: enjoy concerts safely and protect your ears when using heavy machinery. In the cold: protect your ears from low temperatures.


wash your hands. Remove the cotton packing and roll the earplugs between your hands to soften them. Mould the earplugs to fit the shape of your ear canal. Gently press the entire earplug into your ear. Pull your earlobe back with the opposite hand to open the ear canal; this will allow any air to escape and prevent any buzzing or ringing in the ear during use.

Safety Warning

Use only if your ears are clean and healthy. Keep your earplugs in their case and store in a cool, dry place.

Box Contains

1 x Quies Boules Natural Wax Earplugs - 8 Pairs