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Nytol Herbal Tablets 30s

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Product Description

Nytol Herbal Tablets 30s

    • Use for a peaceful night’s sleep
    • Traditional herbal medicinal product
    • For temporary relief of sleep disturbances
    • Natural active ingredients

Product Specification

34 mg of extract (as dry extract) from Hop strobile (Humulus lupulus L.) (4- 6:1) Extraction solvent: Methanol 30% (v/v)
30.8 mg of extract (as dry extract) from Valerian root (Valeriana officinalis L.) (4.5-6:1) Extraction solvent: Ethanol 60% (v/v)
18.2 mg of extract (as dry extract) of Passion Flower herb (Passiflora incarnata L.) (3-7:1) Extraction solvent: Ethanol 70% (v/v)

Height (4.5)

Width (5.8)

Depth (4.5)