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Nurofen Joint & Muscular Pain Relief 2 Medicated Plasters - 200mg

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Product Description

Nurofen Joint & Muscular Pain Relief 2 Medicated Plaster - 200Mg

Proven Pain Relief for 24 H with a Single Plaster - The Nurofen Joint and Muscular pain relief plasters continuously releases ibuprofen over 24 hours to target pain and inflammation at the site of pain. - 9/10 Patients Rated Efficacy as Good or Excellent - After 5 days of use, 9 out of 10 patients who used Nurofen's Joint and Muscular pain relief plasters rated good or excellent for effective pain relief. - Easy to Apply and Can Stay in Place Even when Active - The stretchable and flexible design fits the contours of your body and can stay in place even when active so is suitable to apply on hands, feet, elbows, knees and shoulders. - Easy to Use - The sensitive adhesive covers the entire plaster to provide a mess free application


Directions for Use Read the package leaflet before use. For use on the skin only and should only be used on healthy, unbroken skin. Adults and adolescents aged 16 years and over, Use one medicated plaster every 24 hours. Do not use more of this medicine than the label tells you to. Do not use on children under 16 years. If symptoms worsen or persists for longer than 5 days, consult your doctor. The plaster can be applied at any time during the day or night, but should be removed and a new plaster re-applied at the same time on the following day. Wash and dry the area to be treated before applying the plaster. The plaster is flexible and conformable, and if necessary can be applied on or near a joint and will allow for normal movement. Do Not - cut the plaster, it should be used whole. - cover with other plasters or non-breathable dressing/bandages - get the plaster wet 1. Remove plaster from sachet by tearing/cutting along dotted line. 2. Remove film (A) and place plaster or intact skin. 3. Remove film (B), stretch plaster slightly and smooth as you apply to skin 4. Remove film (C) 5. Stretch plaster slightly and smooth as you apply to skin.

Warning or Restrictions

The medicated plaster should be used for the shortest duration necessary to control symptoms. The treatment duration should not exceed 5 days. If symptoms persist for longer than 5 days or worsen, a healthcare professional should be consulted. Undesirable effects can be reduced by reducing the duration of treatment. Bronchospasm can occur in patients using ibuprofen who suffer or have previously suffered from bronchial asthma or allergies. The treatment should be discontinued immediately if a skin rash develops after applying the medicated plaster. Patients should be warned against exposure of the treated area to strong sources of natural and/or artificial light (e.g. tanning lamps) during treatment and for one day after removal of the medicated plaster, in order to reduce the risk of photosensitivity. Although the systemic availability of topically applied ibuprofen is significantly less than for oral dosage forms, complications may occur in rare cases. For these reasons, patients with: an impaired renal, cardiac or hepatic function; active or a history of peptic ulcer, intestinal inflammation or haemorrhagic diathesis should seek medical advice before using this medicinal product. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs should be used with caution in elderly patients, as they are more likely to experience undesirable effects. DO NOT USE If you are sensitive to ibuprofen, aspirin or other NSAIDS or any of the ingredients in the plaster; In the last 3 months of pregnancy; On the eyes, mouth, lips or genital area; For more than 5 days. Do not apply to broken or damaged skin. KEEP OUT OF THE SIGHT AND REACH OF CHILDREN.

Product Specification

Each Medicated Plaster contains 200 mg of Ibuprofen, Also contains: Adhesive Layer: Macrogol 400, Macrogol 20000, Levo-Menthol, Styrene-Isoprene-Styrene Block Copolymer, Polyisobutylene, Hydrogenated Rosin Glycerol Ester, Liquid Paraffin, Backing Layer: Woven Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET), Release Liner: Silicone Coated Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)

Height (14.3)

Width (19.8)

Depth (3)

Product Uses

- How to Use - Remove the ‘A' marked part and stick the patch to the painful place. Remove the part marked ‘B' with the protective foil and smooth it thoroughly. Remove the protective foil marked ‘C'. Smooth part ‘C' of the patch remaining on the skinWhy Nurofen For over 30 years, Nurofen has helped to provide millions of people with pain relief. We are experienced in pain relief, and we're here to help. Nurofen Joint & Muscular Pain 200mg medicated plaster provides targeted relief from muscular pain and tenderness for 24 hours. Nurofen plasters contain Ibuprofen, which is known for it's anti-inflammatory properties. Ibuprofen is recommended by the NHS as a first line medicated treatment for back pain and can provide superior pain relief to paracetamol in back pain (For verification please contact PO Box 4044, Slough, SL10NS) Nurofen Joint & Muscular Pain Relief 200mg Medicated Plaster is indicated for the short-term symptomatic treatment of local pain in acute muscular strains, or sprains in benign traumas close to the joint of the upper or lower limb in adults or adolescents aged 16 years and older. Dosage One dose is equal to one medicated plaster. The maximum dose for a single 24 hour period is one medicated plaster. The plaster can be applied at any time during the day or night, but should be removed and a new plaster re-applied at the same time on the following day. Nurofen Joint & Muscular Pain Relief 200mg Medicated Plaster.