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Lil-Lets Organic Non-Applicator Super Plus 16 per pack

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Product Description

Lil-Lets Organic Non-Applicator Super Plus 16 per pack

Lil-lets Organic cotton tampons will keep you feeling fresh and comfortable, while also providing brilliant protection against leaks. They are vegan friendly and made from 100% certified organic cotton, making them the perfect gentle solution for managing your period.


Lil-Lets Organic non-applicator tampons gently expand all the way round for great comfort, fit and protection against leaks. These applicator-free tampons are made with 100% certified organic cotton; perfect if you feel that organic is the natural choice for you. Lil-Lets Organic non-applicator tampons are also free from fragrances, dyes and chlorine bleach, are vegan friendly and have been dermatologically tested, all for your peace of mind. Lil-Lets Organic non-applicator super plus tampons are suitable for a heavy flow or your heavy flow days.

Warning or Restrictions

ATTENTION: Always use the lowest absorbency for your flow and change your tampon every 4 to 8 hours. Tampons are associated with Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). This is a rare but serious illness that may be fatal. For more information please read the leaflet inside the pack.

Product Specification

Organic Cotton

Height (5.3)

Width (12.1)

Depth (3.2)

Product Uses

How to use
1. Start by washing your hands.
2. Unwrap the tampon by twisting the wrapper in opposite directions.
3. Pull the string away from the base of the tampon and then give it a gentle tug to ensure it’s secure.
4. Use your fingertips to guide the tampon into place, aim up and backwards towards the small of your back.
5. You’ll know the tampon is in place when you can no longer feel it. If you still feel it, you may need to push it further into place.
6. Now wash your hands again.


Cardboard carton is recyclable with normal household recycling.
Tampon wrappers: for packs with production date October-20 onwards: wrapper is compostable cellophane and can be recycled with garden waste (check locally), for earlier production dates: tampon wrapper is polypropylene, check locally for recycling.