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Lil-Lets Maternity Maxi Pads with Wings x 10

Lil-Lets Maternity Maxi Pads with Wings x 10

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Lil-Lets Maternity Maxi Pads with Wings x 10

Designed with mums in mind, Lil-Lets Maternity Maxi Pads are extra-long, super soft and have added cushioning for ultimate comfort. Feel protected with the carefully designed wide-shaped back and stay-put wings, when you need it most.


oSuitable for post-natal bleeding (lochia) 0-3 weeks post-birth oSuper soft cover and gently cushioned for extra comfort oStay-put wings for added security oWide-shaped back for extra coverage oIndividually wrapped for convenience oFragrance free


  • Soft, gently cushioned towels provide extra-comfort when you need it most.
  • Wide-shaped back for excellent protection from unwanted leaks.
  • Individually wrapped for discretion and easy disposal.

    Warning or Restrictions

    Keep wrapper away from baby. Remember not to flush your pad or any of the wrapping materials down the toilet as it could cause blockages and is bad for the environment

    Product Specification

    Cover: mixture of polyethylene / polyester, Wing cover: polypropylene, Secondary layer: cellulose fibre, Absorbent core: cellulose fibre with superabsorbent polymer, Backsheet: polyethylene, Peel strip: siliconized paper, Adhesive: latex free glue, Wrapper: polyethylene

    Height (19.8)

    Width (11.4)

    Depth (9.2)

    Product Uses

    1. Open the wrapper and fold out the maternity pad so it is flat. 2. Peel the maternity pad away from the wrapper and paper (the back of the pad should feel sticky). 3. Position the pad in your underwear. 4. Remove the paper tab on the wings, to reveal the sticky area, and fold these wings around and underneath your underwear to hold it in place and keep it secure. 5. When you’re ready to remove your sanitary towel, simply peel off the wings from beneath your underwear, and then pull the pad out of your underwear. It’s best to wrap the used pad in the wrapper of your new sanitary towel (or a bit of tissue paper) and dispose of with your household waste or in a designated sanitary bin.


    Bag and wrappers can be recycled with plastic bags at supermarkets

    Tips and Advice

    Lil-Lets Maternity Pads are suitable for use before and after the birth of your baby, designed for great protection and comfort.

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