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GlucoRx Sterile Lancets (30g), 200 Pack

GlucoRx Sterile Lancets (30g), 200 Pack

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GlucoRx Sterile Lancets (30g), 200 Pack

GlucoRX Lancets 0.21mm/30G: Lancets are used to obtain a blood sample in order to test blood glucose levels. They can be used in conjunction with an appropriate device or may be designed for single use with the lancing mechanism being disposed of along with the lancet after use.


0.21mm depth settings 30 gauge Pack size: 200 lancets per box Compatible with the lancing device that comes with the Gluco RX blood glucose meters.

Box Contains:

Pack of 200 Lancets Per Box

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Product description

3M Cavilon 3ml Barrier Film Foam 5 Applicator is a medical device falling under the category of barrier creams. It has been engineered with utmost precision to deliver optimal results to all its users.

The robust formulation of the Cavilon Barrier Film Foam is ideal for protecting the skin from potential damage. It comes in an easy-to-use applicator that ensures optimum coverage and seamless application.

The 3M Cavilon 3ml Barrier Film Foam 5 Applicator provides a protective barrier that shields your skin from harmful elements while maintaining its natural moisture. Its unique foam formula offers superior performance over traditional creams.