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Glucofix Tech Sensor testing strips 

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Product Description

Essential in Diabetic Management: Glucofix Tech Blood Glucose Test Strips

  • Enables measurement of blood glucose
  • Pack of 50 test strips
  • For use with GlucoFix Tech meters only

Pack of 50 Glucose Strips compatible with all GlucoFix Tech Meters. Easy to use and require a small 0.5uL blood sample


Being diagnosed with diabetes requires constant monitoring of your blood glucose levels. Glucofix Tech Sensor testing strips are an essential tool in daily diabetic management. They are easy to use and designed for precision, providing accurate results in no time.

Unlike other glucose testing strips available on the market, Glucofix Tech strips are developed with advanced technology. This provides not only fast and precise results, but also the ability to store previous readings, which allows for better tracking and control of your blood glucose levels.

Each package comes with a large number of strips, providing you with a lasting supply. They are small and portable, making it possible to conduct your routine testing anywhere and at any time. This means that diabetes will not restrict your daily activities, as you can carry these strips and use them when it's most convenient to you.

In conclusion, Glucofix Tech Blood Glucose Test Strips are a trustworthy and effective solution in managing diabetes. If accuracy, ease, and convenience are what you need in maintaining your blood glucose levels, these testing strips are the answer to your needs.