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Bruxeeze NightGuard 2 Dental Mouth Guard

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Product Description

Bruxeeze NightGuard 2 Dental Mouth Guard

The Bruxeeze Night Guard is a mouthguard you wear while you sleep. It protects all of your teeth from grinding and clenching, and can be worn on your upper or lower teeth.


Bruxism can affect sufferers in different ways. Some effects are short-term, and disappear when the bruxism does. But in severe cases, effects can be long-term or even permanent.


Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ)

Damage to your teeth, restorations, crowns or jaw


Headaches/Ear aches

Aching jaw and facial muscles (Facial Myalgia)

Tight or stiff shoulders

Disrupted sleep of both sufferer and bed partner

Inflamed/receding gums and excess tooth mobility


PLEASE NOTE: This is not a sports mouthguard. The Night Guard is designed to help with teeth grinding, not shock absorption.

Do not use if: 

  • You have severe jaw pain, loose teeth or advanced periodontal disease
  • You have full or partial dentures removed at night, leaving you with free teeth
  • You are under 18 years old

Discontinue use immediately if:

  • You experience severe pain in your jaw, teeth or gums
  • You have difficulty breathing while using the mouthguard 

Use of this mouthguard may cause:

  • Tooth movement or changes to your teeth and jaw which alter your bite and/or dental occlusion over longer-term use
  • Dental sensitivity after removing the mouthguard
  • Pain or soreness of the jaw
  • Excess salivation (which should stop once you get used to wearing the mouthguard)

Box Contains

Bruxeeze NightGuard 2 Dental Mouth Guard x 1